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PGM quality mark
PGM quality mark

In any case, safety is demanded!

Among others you can identify quality drilling tools by the quality mark of the independent "Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer" (PGM). KEIL is a member of the founding board of the PGM (in 1987) and is authorized to use this mark.

This quality mark guarantees the conformity of our drill bits with the requirements of the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) concerning drilling holes for anchors and plugs to be fixed in concrete and brick work with general building supervision admission or a European technical admission (ETA ). Violation by non-qualified manufacturers is legally prosecuted.

What does the PGM mark stand for?

  • Selected qualified manufactures.
  • Production and quality assurance state-of-the-art supervised by PGM.
  • Clear marking instructions.
  • Strict tolerance limits for the diameter, the symmetry of the carbide tip and the out-of-true variation.

Advantages and guarantee

  • Protect yourself against possible problems and claim for compensation which could result from the product liability law. In the event of a claim also the distributor could be held responsible, if the manufacturer or importer of a masonry drill bit without PGM-mark cannot be indentified.
  • Drill bit tolerances are balanced to the requirements of modern high performance plugs with European or National allowances and guarantee appropriate installation and anchor fixing of the plugs.
  • These criteria are controlled constantly, therefore, they offer the distributor and the end user, safety and confidence in the tool.

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What does the PGM mark stand for?

Siegel DIN EN ISO 9001
Siegel DIN EN ISO 9001


In addition to perfected production processes, quality assurance is of great importance. Inspection of incoming materials, intermediate checks, final checks and regular drilling and testing under extreme contitions provide new knowledge resulting in assurance and improvement of procedure as well as materials.

Siegel FWI
Siegel FWI


The association FWI represents the interests of approx. 160 German tool manufacturers. It offers its members with German production the possibility of using the registered mark „Made in Germany – Deutsches Werkzeug“.

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Red Dot Award: Product Design

With their jury of experts the international announced challenge "Red Dot Award: Product Design" finds the best products of the year. Producer and designer from all over the world bring their innovations and apply for the "RedDot" award.

IA board of experts in design of various specialist fields examine products carefully. Innovation rank, quality, functionality and ecologically compatibility are the most important criterions. The quality seal is only given to products which highlight themselves due to their good design compared to equal products on the market.

In 2012 the Red Dot Award: Product Design was given to our hammer drill bit SDS-plus MS5 TURBOHEAD Xpro.

Red Dot Design Award
Red Dot Design Award
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